1 to 1 Technology

Information at our Fingertips

In 2014, Bickel received a grant that provided each and every student with a tablet to access at any time during their school day.  This is what we call one-to-one technology.  Teachers have taken the time to learn the best ways to utilize these tools, and the students have been loving it.

Here are some of the ways that these tablets have been used:

  • Taking virtual tours
  • Enrichment activities in every subject for students who are eager to be challenged
  • Keyboarding practice
  • Taking online assessments
  • Research activities
  • Exploring how to code
  • Collaboration with peers when writing
  • Practicing skills learned in math and reading with online programs aligned with our curriculum
  • And much more!

Because of the very real hazards of having an online presence, teachers have also taken the time to explicitly teach students how to utilize this technology responsibly.  Each new school year, every teacher leads their students in a set of lessons titled, “Digital Citizenship”.  Students explore grade-level appropriate ways to be good stewards of technology.  Younger grades focus on how to take care of expensive equipment and the lessons continue on into cyber bullying in the upper grades.  Bickel is so thankful for the opportunity to have such a hands-on approach to teaching our students online safety and accountability.