The Great American Eclipse

Monday, August 21, 2017 was The Great American Eclipse.  Because the Magic Valley was lucky enough to be in the viewing path, all Twin Falls schools participated in creating an amazing viewing experience for their students.  On Monday morning, Bickel teachers spent time teaching students about solar eclipses and how to view them safely.  Many presented a PowerPoint provided by the school district instructing students on the history, rarity, and dangers of solar eclipses.  And as Bickel faculty and staff have a tendency to do, they turned the event into an all day celebration!  The kitchen staff added Sun Chips and eclipse-frosted cookies to students' lunches, many teachers brought in themed treats like eclipse cupcakes, Moon Pies, and Capri Suns, and some teachers dressed up.  At 11:20, everyone inside started to file out of the building onto the playground in preparation for the occasion.  It was evident that students had been properly trained, as they kept their faces turned away from the sun unless wearing their NASA-approved glasses.  The sky grew darker and the air grew colder as students and staff alike oohed and aahed and the moon-covered-sun.  What an incredible experience!