Growing Lifelong Learners and Leaders

Habits of Mind Character Building Program

Bickel has adopted a character building program inspired by the “Sixteen Habits of Mind” which was developed by educators Costa and Kallick.  Throughout the school year, we focus on eight condensed habits:  persisting, managing impulsivity, communicating with understanding and clarity, responding to learning with wonderment and awe, thinking flexibly, growing your mind, striving for accuracy, and taking responsible risks by applying past knowledge. 

Teachers have been given a book on the habits of mind, and they take this knowledge into the classroom and create learning opportunities for their students.  Classrooms spend time watching videos, reading stories, doing hands-on activities, and creating conversations all centered around these habits.  Additionally, each grade level classroom has been partnered with another “sister class” with whom they can complete character building activities (5th/2nd, 4th/1st, 3rd/kindergarten).  With this, we work to create a tight-knit community of students in which age isn’t a barrier and leadership is simply a way of life.  Lastly, a committee of teachers and staff head up one month of Monday morning assemblies to highlight each habit.  During the assemblies, teachers nominate one student from each class who has shown growth in that month’s habit.  They are recognized for their efforts and get to play a fun minute-to-win-it game!  We love practicing these habits together as a whole school!