5th Grade South Hills Field Trip

On Friday, September 30th fifth grade embarked on their annual South Hills Field Trip!  Fifty fifth graders, three teachers, and four parent volunteers loaded up and took off for Diamond Field Jack.  The first leg of the hike was up steep Pike Mountain trail.  This rocky path was definitely a time that called the students to persevere, but the breathtaking view from the top put all of their hard work into perspective!  Lunch followed, as Bickel's wonderful lunchroom staff provided a delicious PB&J sack lunch for each student.  The last leg of the field trip was around Eagle Loop.  This wooded trail lent itself to more exploration on the students' behalf.  A horny toad was discovered, as well as many humongous yellow, fall leaves.  Students and adults alike had a blast on their 10-mile hike in the lovely Idaho hills.  The sights were beautiful, but the bonding that took place was priceless.