It’s “Voting Day” at Bickel too!

Bickel's wonderful librarian, Mrs. Wright, has spent the last few months educating our 5th graders about the election process.  Each class created parties (day/night, dog/cat) as well as an independent party.  Students identified with a party and the nominations began.  After the preliminary speeches about their vision to improve Bickel, party candidates were chosen for each class, then they chose their vice presidents.
Let the campaigning begin! Mrs. Hansen, our computer teacher, generously offered her computer lab and assistance to help the candidates create posters to further their cause.  Then, all 5th grade classes gathered in the cafeteria as the candidates delivered their well-prepared and thoughtful speeches.
Get out and vote!  Today, on Election Day, 5th grade students got to take part in the same process Americans all across the country are participating in!  Students had to go to the library to vote on their own time, no class time was provided.  There was a great turn out; nearly all 5th grade participated!  Upon entering the library, they registered to vote, Mrs. Wright explained the ballot, and provided them with a privacy envelope to place their completed ballots in.  Students went to voting boxes in the library, and as they turned in their ballot, Mrs. Hansen announced their vote.  To top off the experience, each voter received an "I voted" sticker.  They wore it with pride and a smile. This was such an incredibly fun and engaging way for our students to learn about the election process.  Votes will be counted and our new 5th Grade Bickel President will be announced soon!   chevron-right chevron-left