Care Center Christmas

A very warm "Thank you!" comes from everyone at the Twin Falls Care Center!  On Friday, December 16th, six huge boxes stuffed with Christmas goodies were delivered to the retirement home residents.  We brought items such as coloring books, calendars, stuffed animals, socks, slippers, scarves, lotions, candies, brushes, blankets, and much more.  On top of the gifts, each Bickel student made a festive Christmas card with sweet greetings for each resident.  They also took part in decorating a school-wide banner with thoughtful notes and pictures.  As the many donations rolled in, all of us here at Bickel felt extremely proud of the generous community we are a part of.  So THANK YOU for taking part in making so many Christmases even more special.    What a wonderful time of year!  Thank you Bickel Family!